Knowing what to eat for breakfast is vital if you need to lose weight.

Knowing What To Eat For Breakfast Is Required To Lose Weight.

Knowing What To Eat For Breakfast Is Essential To Good Health.

What to eat for breakfast is very important because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some people just choose whatever food is available without knowing or considering the above important fact. They end up developing eating habits which consist of a daily menu of unhealthy fatty foods starting with breakfast.

This sets the stage for putting on weight. If you were ever thinking of being skinny, healthy and fit, to look good and feel good at the same time, well forget about it , you are on the wrong path if you indulge in those eating habits. They do this, despite the presence of so much information in the media and everywhere, detailing the importance of a healthy breakfast meal and the possible disastrous effect if it is not taken in consideration when planning daily meals. Begin the day with first knowing what to eat for breakfast and secondly eating a healthy breakfast food, because it sets the eating trend for the rest of

Skipping Breakfast is not Healthy

It is important to know that skipping breakfast can start you out on the wrong path as far as your metabolism is concerned.

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What To Eat For Breakfast
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The findings of a long-term (4 years) study of 6700 men and women between ages 40 and 75 in 2007 at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England, was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. It revealed that those who knew what to eat for breakfast and therefore ate a greater proportion of their daily calorie intake comprising a healthy breakfast, gained significantly less weight than those who tended to skip breakfast and eat later in the day.

Dr Nita Forouhi, the leader of the research thinks that there are two possible explanations for this: Firstly, she says, if you starve the body by missing a good breakfast and then eat a meal, hormonal changes affect the metabolism so that the body lays down more fat.

Secondly, she added, it has also been observed that people who eat a healthy breakfast tend to snack less later on. It is important therefore to know what to eat for breakfast and start the day with a healthy meal. She also noted “It makes a notable difference to eat a larger proportion of your calories in the morning, and would recommend eating a substantial breakfast – not a big fry-up – keep it healthy! Stick to lots of fresh fruit, cereals and brown bread.” These are healthy breakfast foods.

She’s also pointed out that eating a good breakfast did not mean you could eat a hearty lunch and dinner too.  You will be ending up eating too many calories and be counterproductive. So research tells us that knowing what to eat for breakfast in our choice of eating a healthy breakfast, makes us gain less weight than if we skip breakfast. This is contrary to what is the general thinking. Some people skip breakfast to lose weight. Others skip breakfast for a myriad of reasons e.g. lack of time, money, too busy in the morning just to name a few.

Education Is Necessary

The best way of encouraging people to know what to eat for breakfast in order to choose a hearty healthy breakfast in the morning is to educate them what are the healthy foods to choose for breakfast and the negative effect bad choices would have on their health. The second way of solving the problem is to enlighten them on easy ways of of knowing what to eat for breakfast using healthy breakfast recipes. There are many sources on the internet and in a health magazine and food magazines where these healthy breakfast recipes can be found. Breakfast ideas can also be had from discussion in health forums where food, breakfast, nutrition and health issues are discussed.

Fast Food Restaurants

Many people take the easy way out. If they do have breakfast, it is fast food. They frequent the fast food stores where fast food breakfast is in abundance and easily accessible. This way of not eating healthy, not only exposes them to overweight and the life threatening diseases associated with it, but is also very expensive as the daily breakfast costs add up. Other Food Sources I am stating now that, there are other ways to overcome the difficulty in knowing what to eat for breakfast.

Buy food in bulk from Costco, BJ’s or other shopping clubs and stock and store in the house. However, take note that proper storage of the foods in the fridge is necessary and also important for them to retain their freshness and continue keeping healthy. With proper planning in the kinds of food purchased, it could be an easy exercise in removing the food from the fridge, thaw if necessary, cook and have a healthy breakfast on the go with much fuss.

Healthy Foods

Fruits and vegetables are healthy snacks which are generally absent at breakfast tables and instead should be regular food items on your list of what to eat for breakfast. You are aware that they play a key role in providing vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to the body. They also greatly assist in preventing diseases and an added advantage is, they need no preparation for consumption just proper washing.

Food Preparation

If you do not exercise some imagination in the preparation of a healthy breakfast, the most important food of the day, cooking can become monotonous leading to boredom. You definitely do not want to experience that feeling first thing in the morning, so place no barriers in knowing what to prepare while experimenting with different kinds of good foods and techniques in preparation. Knowing what to eat, preparing and eating a satisfying healthy breakfast can be very rewarding as far as your health is concerned. It prevents you from consuming purchasing and eating unhealthy snacks and therefore fewer calories during the day.

Live A Healthier Life

One theory is that people who eat a healthy breakfast food tend to be those who lead healthier lives and would therefore have a stronger desire to develop an exercise plan and engage in an exercise program, thus adding to the prevention of overweight and obesity, heart disease, dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes and other deadly diseases. When you become accustomed to having a breakfast, you will bypass breakfast restaurants, which are usually filled with unhealthy people eating from the menu of donuts, sugary muffins, scrambled eggs, pancakes covered with syrup, sausages, fat- laden bacon, French fries just to name a few of the unhealthy food choices Americans are making. It is no wonder that there is an increase in the incidence of the diseases mentioned above. Healthy people do not frequent those places.

Unhealthy Foods And Blood Sugar

All these unhealthy foods do is increase your blood sugar, which leads to frequent hunger pangs and food cravings. If they are consumed without moderation you could eventually become diabetic and also contract other serious diseases as mentioned.


Conclusion So knowing what to eat for breakfast followed by eating a good breakfast, which is the most important food of the day, sets the stage for developing a healthy lifestyle and perpetual good health, period.

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