How to Lose stomach fat with healthy diet and the right exercise.

How to lose stomach fat with healthy diet and the right exercise.

Learn how to lose stomach fat and prevent Health Problems


How to lose stomach fat? A question regularly asked by both men and women. The answer is very fundamental as the basic remedy remains the same. The best way to lose stomach fat is to change your eating habits and do exercises for weight loss.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat  with  the      Fat Loss Factor  Weight Loss Program           Click Here.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat with the
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You cannot lose belly fat by itself; you have to do the things that cause the entire body to lose fat and that is by eating right i.e. eating less calories and doing fat burning exercises.  I am not saying that you have to do the exercises in the way body builders do. Choose a weight loss program that follows the above remedy on how to lose stomach fat and you will be fine.

Some people may want to put all the blame for being overweight on genes. Genes may play a part in overweight and where the fat accumulates, but the main contributors are poor diet and lack of regular exercise.

Eat Less Calories

Place emphasis on plant foods for your diet as opposed to foods that come from animals.

How To Lose Stomach Fat

How to lose stomach fat? Eat These foods.

Foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grain foods; at the supermarket check the food labels for foods high in fiber, low in saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, transfat (preferably zero); choose beans, nuts, olive oils, vegetable oils, salmon, sardines, trout, herrings, skim milk or low fat milk (1% milk). If you are to eat meat it must be of the very lean kind with a minimum of saturated fat. If you want to control your calorie intake pay attention to alcohol consumption.

Here are some foods to avoid as much as possible, whole milk, fatty meats – pork, lamb, chicken – as mentioned before, concentrate on the very lean parts of them whenever you choose to have them,  processed foods from which most of the nutrients have been removed like white flour, white rice; a big culprit in the form of sugary beverages  (sodas, sports drinks, fruit juices)- it is easy to consume multiply servings daily – avoid them as much as possible. Consuming them is certainly not how to lose stomach fat.

Your food servings must be small portions. Increase in the volume of the food served and eaten means an increase in the calories consumed.

There are a few excellent weight loss programs that would educate you what to eat, introduce you to the fat burning foods and also enlighten you on what not  eat  and all the other relevant advice that will guide you step by step on how to lose stomach fat.  Thee programs are famous for helping many overweight men and women to lose weight ,whether it is how to lose weight, how to lose love handles, how to lose face fat, how to lose stomach fat etc and helped them to regain their self esteem.

To Lose Stomach Fat, Exercise More

Any form of exercise or physical activity burns fat including stomach fat. That is how to get rid of the stomach fat. So a regular exercise program is necessary. This program must include both aerobic exercises and strength training. These are the best exercises to lose belly fat for women and men.

How to Lose Stomach Fat  with interval training exercises.

How to Lose Stomach Fat with interval training exercises.

Modern scientific research recommends interval training as well. This form of exercise is found to be more efficient of burning fat and building muscle. Both weight loss programs i.e. The fat Loss Fastor and Turbulence Training recommend this form of exercise in their program.

To Lose Stomach Fat, Exercise More

The Department of Health And Human Resources recommends that a healthy adult do 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise with some form of strength training in both cases.

Examples of aerobic exercises are swimming, walking, jogging, step climbing, cycling, and exercises on all cardio machines e.g. treadmill, stationery bikes etc. These are all good cardiovascular exercises and will give you a good workout.

To do strength training there are free weights, exercise machines, your own body weight and resistance bands.

To Lose Stomach Fat, Exercise More

Sit -ups firm your abdominal muscles, but to lose weight in that region you have to eat a balanced healthy diet and exercise regularly doing both aerobic and strength training.

To Lose Stomach Fat, Exercise More

You can benefit a lot from regular exercise. It not only burns fat and cause weight loss. It helps to prevent the occurrence of many serious diseasesimprove your mood and self esteem, boost your energy level by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues improving the efficiency of your cardiovascular system

Now remember that if you are overweight, more has to be done to burn the excess calories by exercising as well.. This is when it is necessary to embark on a weight loss program featuring

Dr. Charles  and Craig Ballantyne‘ s fat loss programs as described above.

Of course you will get advice from your doctor before you embark on any exercise.

How would you know if you have too much stomach fat?

Measure the size of your waist. It is a quick but good indicator of your condition.

How to Measure waist

How to Measure waist

• Place a tape measure around your bare abdomen just above the hipbone

• Ensure that it fits around you, not tight nor pushing into your skin.

• Make sure it is level all around you, while you relax and exhale but not sucking in your belly.

• Read the measurement.

For men a measurement over 40 inches (102 centimeters) increases the risk of heart and other diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, sleep apnea and some cancers.

For women a measurement over 35 inches (89 centimeters) increases the risk of heart and the other diseases mentioned above.

In conclusion, the key to how to lose stomach fat is to take a healthy control of your dietand embark on a regular exercise program. Losing two pounds of fat a week is a safe way of losing weight.

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